About Us

Like many people, I had perfect vision during childhood, and it was only when I went to uni that I finally caused so much damage to my eyes, by straining to read in lectures, that I turned myopic. So I have worn glasses ever since.

This site aims to present information on non prescription & prescription glasses sold by the uk largest store Glasses Direct. Some people wear glasses with ordinary plastic “lenses” which do not actually correct vision. They wear them as a fashion trend. Others want non prescription glasses because they either don’t want to pay the sometimes high price for professional prescription specs, or simply because they can’t afford them, and need a cheaper option.

I hope you will find the information here useful, and the disclaimer is that you should always see an optician if your eyesight deteriorates rapidly, or is accompanied by other symptoms, such as dizziness or headaches; and in any case it is best to get your eyes checked every two years, even if you do not wear glasses, so that problems can be caught early. This website is not an excuse to avoid looking after your eyes properly by consulting with an optical expert!

We will try to delivery quality content and working discount codes, coupons and promotion available on Glassedirect.co.uk so you can pay less with our help.