Its no secret that contact lenses are the best alternative to glasses.  They are easy to use, although they must be taken care of.  There are several ways that you can take care of your contact lenses, which will ensure that they stay healthy and remain comfortable when you wear them.

Before you put your contacts in, the first thing to do is wash your hands with soap and warm water.  You should also make sure that you dry your hands thoroughly with a clean towel, as soap residue or chemicals may get on the contacts, causing them to be very uncomfortable and possibly even burning your eyes when you put them in.

If you can’t seem to get your contact lens to go in your eyes, you shouldn’t force them.  Instead, you should put some solution in the palm of your hand, and gently rub the contact in the solution.  Then, before you put it back in your eyes, you should put some solution on it and it should go in your eye without any complications.

Anytime you are not wearing your contact lenses, you should always soak them in fresh solution.  This is especially important overnight, as the solution gets the protein out of your contacts.  If you don’t soak them in solution, they can end up causing damage to your eyes.

If you experience any type of burning with your contacts after soaking them in solution, you should try another solution.  Depending on your eyes, some types of solutions may leave you with a burning sensation.  This is very common, although switching to a different contact lens solution will more than likely stop the burning or irritation.

Throughout the day, you may need to use rewetting drops or saline solution to keep moisture in your eyes.Sometimes, contacts can dry your eyes out, and make them feel very uncomfortable.  When you put some drops or saline in them though, the dryness will normally subside.  You should always keep some rewetting drops or saline with you at times, just in case your eyes start to dry out.

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