Eye twitching can be caused for many different reasons and none are really that serious.  However eye twitching can become annoying and this is more so when you try to read, write, or watch TV.  If you are experiencing any other symptoms besides the eye twitching the you need to see your doctor to receive a diagnosis and also a check up. 

The most common reason for an eye twitch is lack of sleep, fatigue, computer and television screens, lack of vitamins, eye strain, allergies, caffeine, and compressed nerves.  You should have a close look at your lifestyle to see what your eye twitching is caused from.  Sleep fatigue and stress occurring together may cause eye twitching and can cause more symptoms. 

Many people say that there is no reason what so ever for eye twitching but this is because there is a list that is so long it is difficult to go through and eliminate some of the causes.  All symptoms listed are the most common reasons for eye twitching but there are some many more also. 

When both eyes twitch it is known as blepharospasm, this can be debilitating because both eyes start to sag and it could cause blindness.  This can be a bit more serious if one eye is having this problem, this would be known as a hemifacial spasm.  In these type of cases eye twitching is cured as soon as it has been identified.

So eye twitching really isn’t a really serious issue but it needs to be checked out if you cannot find any reason why it is happening.  If you really feel that your eye twitching is more then just that, go see your doctor.

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