Look no further, here are the best beauty tips for your eyebrows. Whether you wax, tweeze or prefer to never do it yourself at all, you can never have too many options when it comes to beautiful eyebrows. Your eyebrows really say a lot about and for you. You should always have the best look for your face and money.

I personally like to invest in a really great treatment about once a month. I will do my own maintenance when they need it. I’ve found that is the best way to keep my brows looking good and my budget in line. However, not everybody is the same. The following are some of the best beauty tips for your eyebrows that will always keep you looking good (whether or not you do it yourself):

* Brow Beauty Tips #1: Match your face and brows. – Normally, brows start at the top of your nose where a line would be if you drew it vertically up the side of your nose. Locating this spot is easy, just hold a pencil alongside your nose. The outside corner of your eye is where they should end. However, you can easily make eyes set close together look farther apart by leaving a lot more space between brows. In the same fashion, wide set eyes can be compensated for by bringing brows in closer. Do not go overboard and draw in a unibrow, though!

* Brow Beauty Tip #2: Numb up before plucking with a little anbesol. – Anbesol is made for toothaches, but it can also get you through a plucking session easily. It used to hurt so bad I could only do half a brow. Now, its so much easier to get all the way through one session.

* Brow Beauty Tips #3: You should only pluck from underneath. – Beauticians will usually wax over and under your brows. But, you should only maintain them from below. Or else, you can accidentally completely destroy your natural or created arch. Leave the rest to the professionals and just clean up underneath. If you want to do this yourself, you may want to have someone draw in some guidelines before you begin plucking from above.

I have been using these brow beauty tips for years and you to can use them to get really beautiful eyebrows.

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