Some folks sit in front of the computer and play software games all day. Some read books in their bed, almost all of the time in dim lights. Some abhor carrots. A few people read very little words most of the time. Some forget to squint their eyes while they are in front of their TV sets or watching movies but some of them still have impressive vision. There are other people who take care of their eyes in every which way they can but they will be surprised to find out that their vision is not that clear as compared before. Why is that? Was it due to genetics or are they simply the lucky bunch of people who really have good eyesight? But whatever it is, anyone should be aware on how to improve eyesight when the need arises.

You have been reading while lying down, you have been playing PC games all day, you have been reading something while in dim lights and now, you are looking for ways on how to improve eyesight. If only you have been taking care of your eyes before, you won’t have a problem looking for a treatment or a solution in improving your eyesight.

Frankly speaking, if you ask other people, there is no way to improve your eyesight except if you decide to undergo eye surgery and specifically, a LASIK eye surgery. So, what is the meaning of LASIK? LASIK means Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. It is a type of eye surgery to reshape cornea and improve your visual acuity. With LASIK eye surgery, many people have achieved better vision without having to wear glasses or contact lenses and the procedure involves using laser to reshape the cornea.

But before that, a sharp blade called microkeratome is used to slice the flap off to expose the cornea and then, laser is followed to reshape the cornea. For most people, this can be the best remedy for eyesight or to improve it. However, it should not be considered as the only best because right now, there is another way to improve your eyesight and it’s a natural and safe way without any medications or surgeries. Do you want to learn how? You sure know what to do, right.

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