Many people, sometimes even celebrities, like to parade around wearing fake glasses. That’s right. They have nothing at all wrong with their eyes but they want to wear a thick-rimmed pair of non prescription glasses anyway. Sounds kinda strange, huh? And it’s not even like these clear glasses fulfil any real purpose other than making the wearer look geeky. After all, at least a pair of non prescription sunglasses keeps the sun out of your eyes, and protects them from ultraviolet so you don’t go blind!

Even though most people try to avoid specs when their eyesight goes bad – look at the rise of contact lenses and laser surgery – there is still a growing trend among the fashionable folk to use fake glasses to achieve the geek chic look. And no sooner than a celeb is seen with a pair, all the fans follow suit.

Apart from the whole A-list celebrity scene, there are loads of people who like the idea of giving themselves fashion options. They might have perfect vision – either naturally or through lasik – or they might wear contact lenses. But if they are “cured” ex-glasses wearers, they might still feel the need to wear something on their face to play with. Habits are just the worst things to ditch, and if your used to wear prescription glasses, you might have got into the habit of adjusting them on your face, especially if they used to slide down your nose, as they often irritatingly do. Suddenly, with new contacts, your face feels naked. Or even worse, people you know don’t recognize you! There are loads of reasons to buy non prescription glasses, so you have the option of wearing them (even though your vision is now perfect without glasses!) in times of weakness.

One of the great things about eyeglasses is that they are often associated with intelligence. Totally unfounded myth, but meh, whaddya gonna do? So if you want to make yourself appear clever, go for a pair of clear nerd glasses; and if you actually are smart, but don’t wear glasses, why not jump on the bandwagon and optimize your brainiac status!

Of course, we also live in a world filled with a diversity of ideas, and everybody is different. You might be a nerd, and totally look the part, and wish you were one of the cool kids. But people dig nerds too. Embrace your nerdiness and ooze confidence. They say that guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses, but geek chic is definitely back in vogue. And you might be surprised at the attention you get! And it’s not just the gals getting in on the act. The boys are at is also, and the best thing is, these fake glasses are meant to look bad – in a cool way – which means they are cheap! Odd then that they have been worn by high profile celebs such as Chloe Sevigny, Kirsten Dunst and Kelly Osbourne, or Mark Ronson and Kanye West. Maybe they paid more for theirs, but a suitably geeky pair of Wayfarer Retro clear glasses can be had for a few bucks off Amazon (80s Collection Emo Poser Nerd Retro Clear Lens Wayfarer Glasses) and if you don’t like them, you can simply chuck them in the garbage and find something else instead!

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